TEKXL transforms ideas into startups.

We take an idea, form a team around it to develop a product and create an autonomous startup based on the product.


TEKXL combines concepts of incubation, acceleration and venture investment. Over a period of 3 to 6 months, team members are provided with comprehensive technology, training, workspace and funding to turn ideas into startups with scalable business models. When startups reach maturity, they are managed by team members responsible for their development. Our goal is to provide competitive solutions for all markets.

Our model requires building solid teams including the right combinations of core people, skills and temperaments. We embrace that challenge because we have a program to identify, train and mentor young people. We pay team members competitive salaries and provide funding to cover operating and marketing expenses until startups are profitable. In addition, team members get equity that will vest over a period of four years provided they stay until maturation.

Senam Beheton (CEO)

Senam is a co-founder of TEKXL and a true renaissance man. With an education in law, political science, international development and instructional technology, Senam has a unique gift for proposing common sense solutions to positively transform communities, businesses and individuals. A serial entrepreneur, he has founded or invested in over 15 companies/organizations in the past 20 years, most of them in the technology sector. Senam believes in simplicity in design and process. His other interests include playing tennis, philanthropy, photography, traveling and planes.

Ulrich Sossou (CTO)

Ulrich is an experienced software engineer and entrepreneur with a passion for solving problems. He enjoys helping individuals and businesses frame difficult issues in ways that foster the emergence of the best outcomes for them and/or their businesses. His first experience with technology came at age 8 in his uncle’s computer repair shop where he played with early versions of personal computers. Since then, he has gained valuable experience in software engineering, architecture and design as well as marketing, sales and overall skill-set to run a software business.